Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Central Base for Everything Heather Manning

Hello, dear readers!

As you can likely see, I have not been posting here very often. This is due to my hectic schedule of college, work, writing, and theatre. But I have good news for you if you have been missing my updates!

I am still blogging...but in the form of video blogs. Please take a moment to subscribe to my Youtube Channel . I adore video blogs because they take up less time than old-fashioned blogs, and to me, they let you really get to know me better by seeing a slice of my life. You can check out my latest vlog here:
I will still be around here, and all of my contact forms on this website are still running. I will still be around and will update this site occasionally. Basically, this site will serve as my central base. Here, you can find links to my Youtube ChannelFacebook Page, Twitter Account, and Instagram Account. I frequently post to these accounts, so please subscribe/like/follow me to keep in touch! 

I thank all of my dear readers for their support and look forward to hopefully finishing my third novel, Tossed Together, in the new year.