Friday, October 25, 2013

Writing Friday: Research in Museums

Sorry this post is up late. For some reason Blogger wasn't letting me post...that's why yesterday's was late in coming up, too. Then, the pictures literally took days to upload.
Anyway, I promised I would share some photos of the museum I went to last week.
First off, I wanted to tell you I have been considering setting a novel in Golden in the mid-late 1800s.
So, this trip was partially a research one for me. I found tons of tidbits that I would love to use in a future novel, so that was awesome,
Okay, here are some photos. I took way more than this, but I will only show some so you don't have you dig through hundreds. ;)


  1. Cool! I really like that museum. And you found a typewriter! I hope you do write a book set there!

  2. That's a neat museum - it's always fun to visit them to get ideas for something you're writing and to get closer to historical accuracy for what you write.


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