Friday, February 15, 2013

Writing Friday

What do you guys, my readers, think of my Writing Friday posts? Do you like the interviews? I want your opinions.
I have a few more characters, and then I will go on to do something else...I'm not sure what yet, though. :)

Today I will give you a description of Gage Thompson, first mate aboard Captain Caspian Archer's ship, The Dawn's Mist.

Gage Thompson is and almost always has been Caspian's best friend. He has wavy, medium dark brown hair that is streaked with sunlight and cropped short for the time period. His skin is tanned darkly, and he smiles often, revealing perfect, white teeth. He is tall, and most of the time, he has a light stubble growing on his cheeks. He is about twenty-three years old.

 Gage is very caring of others, loyal, and a good leader.

When he was orphaned at a young age, he was taken in by Caspian's family and the two boys were raised side by side. They left home when Gage was seventeen years old, and before he knew it, Gage was sailing as Caspian's first mate.
I intend for him to be the main character my sequel to Swept to Sea, which I have not yet completed.

I imagine Gage looking a little like Orlando Bloom in this photograph.

Okay, now that you met Gage, I would like you to ask him some questions, please! Come on, don't be shy! He will be answering whatever you ask in next week's Writing Friday post.

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!


  1. Gage sounds cool!
    My questions are:
    Did you always want to be a sailor, or did you become one because that's what Caspian did? Also, you have been sailing as long as Caspian, right? So are you ever jealous that he is Captain while you are first mate?

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Cortney. He will answer those questions next week!

  2. I like the picture you chose for Gage, very handsome :)
    Here's a few questions for Gage:
    What is your favorite thing about being out on the sea?
    What is the scariest thing about being out on the sea?
    What is something (besides sailing) that you and Caspian enjoy doing together?
    Sounds like an interesting book!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your great questions! Check back next Friday for Gage's answers. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I've enjoyed your Writing Friday posts!

    I'd ask Gage:

    How well do you get along with Reed?

    What is/was your favorite adventure out at sea?

    1. Thanks, Nathan! I appreciate it. He will answer those questions on Friday!

  4. My questions:
    Do you think Eden and Caspian like each other?
    Is there anyone who you admire?


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