Friday, June 7, 2013

Writing Friday: Interview

Hello, everyone!

I did my first-ever interview as an author yesterday. You can find it on Caitlin Hensley's blog. (click on the name to visit it, and leave a comment there if you want)

I'm going to do another interview on another blog later this month. Sorry today's post was kind of short. I'm relying on you to hop over to Caitlin's blog for your daily dose of Heather. :)
Next week, I will let you read a blurb about my novel, Swept to Sea.

What do you think of interviews with authors? Do you love to read them? Are you more likely to pick up someone's book if you have read an interview featuring the author?


  1. Haha! I got my "daily dose of Heather"! Nice interview!

    I like some author interviews, and some have gotten me to read their books, but other interviews I've read have been very long and somewhat boring which caused me to put off reading their book. I guess it really just depends on the interview!

  2. I usually don't pay much attentions to interviews. I usually find books and then learn about others when recommended online or in the back of the book. I have bought books after authors share about a book--I never really read interviews unless it's my favorite author.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your opinion. I usually don't read interviews unless it's an author I like, too.

  3. Cool, that's a great interview!

    I like to read author interviews, lots of times it will give you insight into one of their books or characters that you hadn't known before, or just how they go about writing or coming up with their ideas.


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