Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review Monday

Hello everyone!

I just got back from a trip so I'm trying to catch up with my blog, and emails, and everything. So I'm sorry if I didn't reply to your comments right away the last few weeks.

Anyway, on to today's book review.

I just got done reading a novella called Golden Days by Mary Connealy.

Here's some info from amazon: "Amy Simons's small size belies her remarkable strength-strength that makes her thrive in the wild Alaskan frontier. But is she strong enough to accept her father's fate and move on with her own life and love? Braden Rafferty just wants to get away-away from the pain of failing his wife and losing her. Maybe hard work in the cold Alaskan mountains will numb his aching heart. But he didn't expect to find another needy woman along the way, another woman who will depend on him for strength. Will Braden realize that Amy wants his heart more than his help? Will they both see that the bonds of love are strongest?"

This was a novella, so it was very short. Amy is part Russian and part Tlinget. Her father had her go to live in Seattle for a number of years after her mother died. When his letters stop coming, Amy hurries home to find what is wrong.
When she finds out her father is dead, Braden, who she met on the ship from Seattle to Alaska, offers to take her to his sister-in-law's home. She stays with the Raffertys for a long time, and every day wonders what happened to her father.

This was a good novella! There was plenty of comedy. If you read it, pay special attention for "Rooster".

Have you read a lot of novellas?


  1. It sounds cool! No, I haven't read many novellas, but this one looks really good!

  2. This sounds like it would be interesting.

    I don't normally read a lot of novellas unless they are part of a larger series I like - sometimes I'll read anthologies of short stories though.

    1. Thanks, Nathan.
      Yeah, I rarely read novellas. But Mary Connealy is awesome so I had to read hers. :)


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