Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I am pleased to say that I have revealed the cover art for Carried Home, sequel to Swept to Sea, which will be released and ready for you to read APRIL 28TH! I am so excited!

Here it is!

About the book
   The Caribbean is no place for a society lady of London, yet after a daring quest to save a friend, Lady Ivy Shaw finds herself trapped far from home.  Now, driven with worry for her young brother, she is determined to return to England in all haste. So, when a new acquaintance offers to sail her to her brother’s side, she jumps at the offer, scarcely caring that the man is a privateer.
   Captain Gage Thompson is just learning how to be a captain.  He sailed for years under the command of his longtime friend, Caspian Archer, but serving a captain and being a captain are, as he soon discovers, two very different roles. While struggling to gain the respect of his newfound crew, he now faces the distraction of beautiful Lady Shaw.  He finds himself entranced by her and promises to give her passage home.
   After a brief stop in Port Royal, Ivy and Gage discover an abandoned child. They both decide to bring her with them on their voyage to England. But problems soon arise in the form of hurricanes and enemy pirates, and Ivy and Gage find themselves scrambling to not only care for a lonely child, but also gain command of a motley crew.  
   Will love bud between Ivy and Gage as they journey home?
Here's my two babies side by side. Eden and Ivy!


  1. The cover is beautiful (especially alongside Swept to Sea)! I can't wait for it to be released!

  2. The cover is so pretty! The two really look good together. The book sounds exciting as well! I want to know how this story plays out, it sounds so interesting. You really have a talent with words. ^.^ Hopefully I will be able to read this very soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Sam! You're awesome! I hope you can read it too!

  3. Great cover! Looking forward to the release!


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