Monday, October 29, 2012

Book Review Monday

Sorry that I didn't post anything last week...I was busy with dress rehearsals.
Today I will tell you what book I am almost finished reading: Mariah's Quest by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity.

I am really enjoying this. Mariah and her two sisters are indentured servants, each bought by a different person.  Mariah is taken by a man named Colin, who is kind to her but his family is not pleased that he took her. His mother is convinced to allow her to teach her three girls how to be ladies and to play instruments. Later on, Mariah and Colin agree to marry--the trouble is, his mother refuses to let the marriage happen. Colin is drafted away to fight in the military, leaving Mariah alone with his mother and family. He returns months later, scarred by the war. He is blinded and the beautiful Mariah realizes that she needs more than beauty for someone to love her.

So, what have you reading lately?


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