Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Broadway Tuesday

I watched a really cool show called Broadway or Bust a couple of weeks ago that aired on PBS. It was about teenagers from across the country competing to win the prestigious Jimmy Awards in New York City. Performers are judged by how well they perform in their local high school's production and a winner is selected from each region.  The winners then go to New York City and learn some medley numbers to perform in a real Broadway theatre. They also perform solos and are judged by a panel of professionals. One girl and one boy win the entire competition and many audition opportunities are opened to those who performed.
Broadway or Bust focused on a couple of teenagers who were performing at the Jimmy Awards and it showed their progress from the first day of rehearsals for the performance to when the winner is announce.
THIS SHOW IS AMAZING! It represents the theatre community far better than the (in my opinion) stupid TV show Glee.
I hope they film Broadway or Bust next year, also!


  1. I saw this show, and I loved it! The young performers were so talented, especially the final girl and the last three boys. They were amazing! I hope their dreams of performing in Broadway shows come true!

  2. I saw this show too, it had me looking forward to each weeks show!

  3. Cool, sounds like a neat show, and a great way to get more people interested in Broadway and get new performers for the future.


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