Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review Friday

Recently I read Montana Rose by Mary Connealy. I really enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed all Mary Connealy books! She is my favorite author.
This book is about Cassie Griffin, whose husband has just died, abandoning her in the West. She had been married to him since she was fifteen years old when both of her parents died. People call her "China Doll" because of her beauty and how she seems to always be perfectly composed and obedient and even cold.
The minute after her husband is buried, the entire town proposes to her because she is just about the only single woman they have seen since moving out West. Mort Sawyer, who runs a very large ranch and is a wealthy man decides that he is going to marry her because he wants the land her husband had owned. His son, Wade Sawyer decides he wants to marry her also, but he is quickly shushed with a look from his abusive father.
Most people in town know to beware of the Sawyers, but when Red Dawson sees Mort attempting to marry a very unwilling Cassie, a woman he has admired from afar since he first saw her, he knows he must do something to save her.
He offers to marry her, and unsure of what to do and still in grief over her old husband's death, Cassie agrees to marry him. They are married on her dead husband's freshly dug grave, and Red pays off her deceased husband's debts. The man had lost her entire fortune buy buying her new silk dresses every year and an expansive mansion, both of which she never asked for.
Red warns Cassie that she will be living in a much smaller home with him and that he will not buy her any more fancy dresses.
Cassie has been accustomed to being forced to obey her husband, and to face his wrath if she does not. Red  notices that she is afraid disobeying him and he realizes what her old husband was like.
Wade Sawyer has also watched Cassie since she came into town and is devastated that he did not marry her. He has been called a weakling by his father his whole life and decides to finally save Cassie from her marriage. He thinks that if only he could kill Red Dawson, he would not be a coward anymore. You see, he knew that Griff, Cassie's last husband, abused her so he felt connected to her because his father abuses him. He becomes crazed and wanders around by the Dawson's house, waiting for the "courage" to kill Red.

This book is great! I wrote a really long description of it, didn't I...? That is because the characters are so well-written that I wanted to share them with you!
What are you reading now?


  1. I've loved all of the Mary Connealy books I have read. They are hilarious, and you're right, she is a great author! I will have to read this one, too.

  2. Thanks, Cortney. You should read it!

  3. This book sounds good! Thanks for the review!


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