Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Review Monday

Happy New Year's Eve! This is my last blog post of this year!!!
On Friday I reviewed Montana Rose by Mary Connealy. Today I will review the next book in the Montana Marriages Series, The Husband Tree.
This book was so funny!
It is about Belle Tanner. Her last name really isn't Tanner, but that's what folks call her nowadays because so many of her husbands have died that they give up and just call her by her maiden name. She has had three husbands, and buried the lazy, no-good men under what she and her four daughters call "The Husband Tree". Her husbands have all been purely useless, according to her, and she has taken on controlling her ranch with her baby girl Betsy on her back and her other three daughters as her ranch hands. They don't need any men and the haven't since Belle's first marriage.
Except, that is, until the girls miscounted their cattle and Belle needs to hire a few men to go on a cattle drive with them. Most men in town are already on their way on other cattle drives, and she is forced to hire Silas Harden, a drifter.
Belle is determined never to marry again, and all of her daughters remind her of this when the handsome Silas  comes to work with them.
Silas has also chosen he never wants to marry also, because of his past experiences with women. Belle Tanner, on the other hand, is unlike any other woman Silas has ever met, and he is very bewildered by  her, especially when he finds out that the other cow hands that he is joining on their journey are three little girls, all under the age of fourteen.
Silas grows to love Belle and her brood of independent girls.
A subplot to this book involves Wade Sawyer, the villain of Montana Rose. He has changed ever since Cassie and Red helped him find God and he is a completely different man. 
He saves a white woman raised by Indians, Glowing Sun, from a group of white men who are trying to kidnap her.

This book, like all of Mary Connealy's, is a WONDERFUL read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This book sounds so funny! I am sure the cattle drive is interesting! I will have to put this book on my reading list! Thanks for the review.

  2. I'm sure this book is as fun and funny as any other Connealy book. I need to read this one with the others I haven't read yet.

  3. Cool! Sounds like an interesting book to read. See you next year! ;)

    1. Thanks, Nathan. I had thought I replied to your comment last night. Oh well, I meant to say see you next year!


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