Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review Monday: No Review Today

Hello, everyone!

Today, I sadly do not have a review for you.

I was sick most of last week, and between sleeping and school and homework, I had no time to read.

I am almost waiting for my next book to read to arrive in the mail, and that has not happened yet.

Anyway, today I will just show you this lovely stack of books. Enjoy.

What are you reading, and if you aren't reading right now, what do you want to read next?


  1. I want the stack of books! ;)
    I'm only reading textbooks right now because I've got a bunch of midterms and finals this week, but next week I plan to catch up on some reading. The first book I plan to start is Anne Elisabeth Stengl's new novella, Goddess Tithe.

  2. Awesome stack of books! :D

    Haven't been able to read a whole lot lately, but I've been reading an alternate-history book called "Leviathan" (By Scott Westerfeld) off-and-on the last few weeks.

    1. Thanks, Nathan!
      I've heard about "Leviathan"!


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