Monday, February 10, 2014

Book Review Monday: Saving Juliet

Last week, I got to see the play Romeo and Juliet, which was the first Shakespeare play I have seen live. I really enjoyed it, and I had not expected to like it so much.

Anyway, after I saw it, I remembered a book I head read a LONG time ago. It was called "Saving Juliet" and was written by Suzanne Selfors. I remembered that I owned it, so I dug through my room until I found the book. I reread it in two days. 

Here's a little about the book, taken from Amazon: 
"Mimi Wallingford, Great Granddaughter of Adelaide Wallingford, has the life that most girls dream about, playing Juliet opposite teen heartthrob Troy Summer on Broadway in Shakespeare's famous play. Unfortunately, she has no desire to be an actress, a fact her mother can't seem to grasp. But when she and Troy are magically thrust into Shakespeare's Verona, they experience the feud between the Capulets and Montagues first hand. Mimi realizes that she and Juliet have more in common than Shakespeare's script-they are both fighting for futures of their own choosing. Mimi feels compelled to help her and with Troy's unexpected help, hopes to give Shakespeare's most famous tragedy a happily-ever-after-ending."
(My nails matched the cover!)

My Thoughts:
The Idea:
This is about a girl who is not happy where she is. Her mother is basically forcing her to continue her career in acting, although she has grown to dislike it and has developed a terrible stage fright. Then, she is launched into the world of fictional Verona, with none other than Troy, the pop-star who isn't a great actor but was brought into the production to bring in money. 
I thought this story was a fabulous idea. I love "time-travel" stories and I love acting, so this was right up my alley.

The Characters:
Mimi is a headstrong girl who is trying to turn her life around into what she wants--to follow her passions. But her mother is set on keeping her on the stage. Her narrative was very clear, and I did find myself rooting for her.
Troy was an interesting character, with many different sides that are revealed later on. He is more than just a self-centered pop star. 
There is also a cast of well defined characters including Romeo, Juliet, Lady Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Mercutio, and Benvolio, all from Shakespeare's play.

The Plot:
The plot was interesting...I read it in two days, so obviously I found it entertaining. :)

The Setting:
I loved the setting. Broadway and Verona. Isn't that fabulous? Also, medieval Verona was described very well. I enjoyed it. 

I recommend it as a quick, fun read! It is especially fun after seeing a production of Romeo and Juliet. :)

About the Author: 

Suzanne Selfors lives on an island near Seattle where it rains all the time, which is why she tends to write about cloudy, moss-covered, green places.
She's married, has two kids, and writes full time.
Her favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, and most especially, Roald Dahl.

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