Friday, February 14, 2014

Writing Friday: Letters to Romeo and Juliet

Hey, everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing anything special today?

So, on Sunday I wrote something I thought was pretty neat, and I thought I would share it with you since I don't always post about my writing. I had just seen the play Romeo and Juliet the day before for the second time performed at a local theatre, and I decided to write something.

Well, I wrote two letters: one from a vial of poison to Romeo, and another from a dagger to Juliet. I thought it would be fun to share today, since Romeo and Juliet are a symbol of a love story, I would share it for Valentine's Day.
Here's what I came up with.

Dear Sir,
Do you realize the impact of your actions? Please hesitate before you do anything rash. Yes, I know how much you love her. I know how much you care for her. I realize that you feel you can’t live without her.
But have you thought about the bug picture? I mean, yes, you feel awful right now. But you have a family. A mother and a father who love you. And guess what? That pesky man who writes about you and your life on parchment with quills knows something that you don’t. You know what that is? She’s not dead. She’s still alive. Your touching me will absolutely break her heart.
How, you ask? How is this dear lady alive when her hart seems to have ceased beating and her skin has gone cold? She befriended a relative of mine. He courses through her veins as I write this, but rest assured, she will wake. And imagine her terror when she does and she finds you lying there, lifeless and cold. I am stronger than my relative. If you touch me, you will never wake.
Now, I understand that you can’t control your actions. Mr. William Shakespeare does unfortunately, so I fear you will meet your death at my touch.
But please, think before you act rashly. My power is strong, but I cannot stop you from what you are about to do.
I apologize for that.
A Vial of Poison

And, next up, we have another lovely letter.

Dear Lady,
          You are about to awake to something very unfortunate. I almost wish you would never wake up so you don’t have to go through this, but there is nothing I can do about it.
You see, you’re about to wake up. I’m certain you will be a little disoriented at first, since you have been sleeping for hours on end. Well, when you do wake up, it will be dark. You will be in the tomb of your ancestors, and you will be afraid. But that’s okay. Just please don’t look to your left.
Oh, you decided to look to your left, young lady? Well that’s just great. I know, it’s absolutely tragic that he died. You loved him with every bit of your heart. It is understandable that you would be upset. I’m upset myself. I tried to get a letter to the vial of poison that stole his last breath, but the mail delivery around here is really slow. It’s quite unfortunate, really.
But anyway, now you have seen him. Maybe it will comfort you to know that he took his own life. Paris, your intended, whose body is lying over there, did not do it. You see, your young man found you before you woke up.  I’m so sorry. A few minutes could have saved both of your lives. But alas, he feared you dead, and, because he couldn’t live without you, he died himself.
Isn’t that a pity?  Such a waste of someone so young. Do you feel awful right now? Yes. So imagine what it would be like for your family to discover you in a similar state. It would be life-shattering. Now, I’m sure you are heartbroken. But please don’t do anything drastic. You aren’t even fourteen years old yet. You have a long life ahead of you. You could accomplish great things. You are smart, kind, and spunky. There is a bright future out there for you. Please, please, please, think before you act out by your grief.


So, what do you think? I thought these were a lot of fun to write. 


  1. I LOVE them! Especially the first one!

  2. Hehe, those were pretty neat! Nice job on both of them!

  3. Nice! Hahaha. Well, I only recently found out the ending of Romeo and Juliet, when I watched the movie Shakespeare in Love, so otherwise I wouldn't have gotten this. Haha. But in your second letter, it says "You aren't even fourteen years old yet." Was Juliet really supposed to be barely a teenager?!

    1. Oh hahahahaha! :)

      Yep! There is a line in the play that says "She is not yet fourteen."

    2. Holy cow, that is young for this story!

  4. Hahaha, I love these! :) I actually just saw this performance at a local theater as well! It was so cool.

    1. Hi, Caroline! Thank you. :)
      I just glanced at your blog and I think we live in the same area...we must have seen the same production! How neat is that? Thank you for stopping by. :)

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