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Catch-Up Friday: Book Review

Hey all!
Today I will be posting next week's review early and then I will be gone for a while....

This week was much less busy than last week but it still seemed like I had hardly any time. On Sunday, I had my Coterie Young Playwright Festival which went amazingly.
Then, I came down with a cold. Which wasn't fun. But anyway, I wanted to let you all know that next week's post will be sparse if I even post them or not. Why? Because I am going to be at the RT Booklover's Convention, and I unfortunately won't have much time to write any posts.

Until then, here is my review of To Die Once by Miranda A. Uyeh.

About the book:

Two men, one woman, a rosebush …
… a terrible past, an uncertain future
Jennifer, a woman unexpectedly trapped in a path of love and passion against everything
Rodrigo, a man set to get what he wants at the cost of what matters most.
Stefano, a man with a past, a story to tell and passion to offer.
Chidi, a friend in need, a friend indeed. Or not?
From a culture where good girls follow the norm and live as they’ve been told, Jennifer is no
different from any other girl until by happenstance, she meets and falls in love with Rodrigo, a
man who’s handsome, rich and foreign. Different. She has no idea who he is or what he does,
and is swept into a world of romance and passion. It is not long before she discovers a shocking
Stefano shows up at a time when Jennifer has made up her mind about the rules of life. He thinks
she’s beautiful and is in love with her. In a bid to convince her to give him a chance in her life,
old memories once buried are brought to life. And the events that follow don’t leave anyone
unaffected by the truth of the past that was left unsettled.
Meanwhile, Jennifer with her friend Chidi, find themselves on a self-discovery journey that has one of them raising questions.
Some just have to ask, where is God in all this?
… an inspirational romance, from Lagos to Italy."

My Thoughts:

The Idea:
It was certainly interesting! This was an inspirational romance involving things like dark pasts and life choices. Some points were heartrendingly  sad, and it really kept my interest throughout the entire book. This is about Jennifer, who marries a man with a bad past and is devastated when he disappears. I loved the story.
The Characters:
There were a few times, I have to admit, that I wanted to slap both Jennifer and Rodrigo in the face. But I think I only felt like that because I cared about them. Really, I was rooting for them and hoping for them to finally have some peace and happiness.
The Plot:
This book had a GREAT plot. It really kept me interested no matter what was happening. I finished it much ahead of time and enjoyed every second of it. I look forward to more from this author!
The Setting:
Very unique! I don't think I have ever read anything in this genre/setting. I loved the setting of Italy because Italy just seems like a wonderful place to set a book! A few scenes were also in London and Africa. It was very interesting!
GREAT book that I recommend to friends! I hope you enjoy!
About the Author:
Miranda A. Uyeh is an assistant lecturer at a local college in Makurdi City, Nigeria, where she teaches two geology courses. Her love for books goes as far back as when her father placed Disney’s Rapunzel in her hands—her very first storybook! By the time she was thirteen she knew she was going to be a writer. You can find Miranda on her blog where she shares her love for books, entertainment and Christian spirituality with her readers. Miranda holds a B.Tech (Hons) in Applied Geology from ATBU, Nigeria. To Die Once is her debut novel, #1 of the Child of Grace book series.

"A little mystery, a bit of intrigue, a lot of romance. To Die Once is a Christian romance with real characters facing deep issues. The emotional writing is truly heart-felt. This is Ms. Uyeh's debut novel and thankfully, this won't be the last." —K. Victoria Chase, Bestselling author of From Across The Divide, Virginia Justice, Raphael: volume 1, Santiago Brothers book series.

"Miranda Uyeh has penned a novel full of heart. To Die Once is a story alternately thorny and tender that tackles the various forms of love - romance, friendship, and faith - in unique settings and situations. Often surprising, consistently intriguing, Uyeh's debut is a bold start to her blossoming writing career." — Amber Stokes, Author of "The Heart's Spring" Series 

 "A fun inspirational romance read" — Rektok Ross, Best selling YA Romance author of Prodigal

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