Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review Monday: Abandoned Memories

Hey everyone! I just got done reading Abandoned Memories by MaryLu Tyndall.

Now, it is time for a review! But first, here's some info about the book.
"In MaryLu Tyndall’s stunning conclusion to her Escape from Paradise series, Angeline Moore longs to make a fresh start in the Confederate colony of New Hope, Brazil. James Callaway longs to create a city free from immoral women who caused his failure as a preacher. But a series of strange happenings soon lead the colonists to believe they have been brought to this place for a divine purpose."

Now, on to my review.
My Thoughts: 
The Idea:
I have been following this series since the very first, Forsaken Dreams. This trilogy follows a colony of Southerners after the Civil War, who are sailing to Brazil to create a Southern Utopia. This book solves the mysterious events that plagued the colonists in the first two. 
 I was eager to continue the story with familiar characters.

The Characters:
This final book details the story of Angeline, a woman with a dark past, and James, a doctor who hates the sight of blood and has become the colony's pastor. I had seen their interactions in the past two novels and had been awaiting their story the entire time, and was not disappointed. 

The Plot:
This plot definitely kept me intrigued. The entire series, I have been wanting to know what was going on with the mysterious occurrences that have been plaguing these colonists, so I was eager to keep reading! The romance between Angeline and James was kind of predictable, but I did not mind it that much.
The Setting:
All alone in the wilderness of Brazil? This definitely posed some challenges for the colonists, and made for a good story. The setting was unique and well done.

A great read! I definitely recommend starting with Book 1, Forsaken Dreams, and working from there. You will be glad you did! 


  1. I recently read this book, and I really liked it, too!

  2. Neat! sounds like a good book - I've read the first of the trilogy but not the other two yet.


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