Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review Friday

Recently I read this book by  Vickie McDonough which is part of a series called the Texas Trails Series.  Here is what I thought about it: I enjoyed reading this book. The main character is Brooks Morgan,a man who ran away from home at a young age because he thought his family was being unfair to him. Ten years later, having never returned home because of his pride, he meets an old, ailing man named Will Langston who he takes care of. The man gives him his ranch Raven Creek in a game of cards. Brooks tries to return it to him, but the man insists, and also asks that when he is gone, Brooks takes care of Keri. Brooks assumes she is a beloved dog or horse.
Meanwhile, Keri Langston looks forward to leaving her female college and returning home to her uncle's Raven Creek Ranch. On her way home, she discovers a man being strung up with a noose around his neck. She rescues him, then continues home on her own. Later she finds out that the man she rescued is Brooks, who now owns what she thought would be her ranch. He lets her remain in what she still believes is her home and the two begin to fall in love. However, a man who wants to marry Keri also wants her land and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
I did not read the other books in this series about the Morgan family, but I plan to now after reading this book that I loved reading. The other books are written by several different authors and are called: Captive Trail, Cowgirl Trail, Ranger's Trail, The Lone Star's Trail and The Long Trail Home. I did not think that I missed anything important by not reading these because it could probably stand alone. Nonetheless, I will make sure that I read the others in the series.
Thanks to the publishers and netgalley for a free ebook in exchange for my honest opinion in a review.
I would give it four out of five stars.  So, do you think you would read this book?  What have you been reading lately?


  1. This book sounds interesting, and I think I would enjoy reading it. I'm often cautious of a series of books written by multiple authors, but your description of this book makes me really want to read it!
    Right now, I am reading Veil of Pearls by Marylu Tyndall, and I really like it.

    1. Yeah, Cortney, it was was a really good book. I'm glad you like Veil of Pearls! I love it.

    2. Yes this book does sound like a good book. You make it sound interesting.


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