Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Broadway Tuesday

For Broadway Tuesday, I thought I'd share some information about the musical Memphis.  Yes, I already reviewed it on this blog, but it is only fitting that I mention it because it had its very last Broadway performance on Sunday.  :(
It made me sad just thinking about the last time Adam Pascal got to say "Goodnight and HOCKADOO!"  Here is an awesome CG image in honor of this "fantastical" musical: 
Watch this video: The Tonys performance of this Tony-award-winning musical.

Also, I recommend listening to the amazing Adam Pascal singing "Memphis Lives in Me."

"And I adored it."


  1. Heather, You have given "Memphis" a wonderful tribute. I found it especially touching with Adam Pascal singing, the songs actual writer David Bryan(Bon Jovi's keyboardist) beautifully playing "Memphis Lives In Me". Good luck to all the cast in their future endeavors! Chad Kimball- I love the Huey doll! Adam Pascal- Rock ON!! :D HOCKADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. How sad! Thank you for sharing the videos!

    1. I know, Cortney! You are welcome, and thank YOU.

  3. Cool videos. Sucks that Memphis is ended now on Broadway


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