Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Broadway Tuesday

Today I'm sharing with you a few pictures from a great musical, Les Miserables. This is partially what my dream cast of Les Mis would be:
Jean Valjean.....Hugh Jackman! (He's going to be in the movie. I like Rob Evan and John Cudia, also, BTW)

Javert....Norm Lewis (or Philip Quast)

Fantine....Lea Salogna (Or Ruthie Henshall or the amazing Patti LuPone)

Cosette.....Judy Kuhn

Marius.....Michael Ball (Yes, that is him with dark hair. I guess it is dark for the part.)

Eponine......Samantha Barks

Monsieur Thenardier....also played by....Michael Ball! LOL

Madame Thenardier....Jenny Galloway

Enjolras..... Ramin Karimloo

Gavroche......any cute/funny little boy! Besides Nick Jonas.

That's the end of my cast list! There are lots of other actors I liked, but these are the ones off the top of my head. What are your thoughts?


  1. Les Miserables is my favorite musical!!! I love all of the performers you named.
    Has Michael Ball ever played the part of Thenardier before?

    1. No, Cortney, he hasn't...but I think he'd like to!

  2. Cool! That would be an interesting cast.

    1. Thanks, Nathan! I can't wait to see Hugh Jackman in the movie.


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