Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review Monday

I am a member of this awesome writers community which is led by authors Sephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson.
Together, Stephanie and Jill wrote a book to help teen writers with their journeys. The book is called Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft into a Published Novel.

This book is exactly what its title says. It is filled to the brim with priceless information for all authors, not just teen authors.

"The question we hear most from new writers is, “How do I get published?”
And the answer is: Respect your dream

Every writer’s journey is different, yet as we’ve reflected on our experiences and those of the writers around us, we've seen time and time again that those who are successful are the ones who had the patience and endurance to stick with this writing thing. They didn't look for shortcuts (at least, not for long), nor did they quit after five, ten, or one hundred rejections.

We can’t make the process easy for you, but it’s our hope that this book will be a tool you can turn to time and time again when you’re thinking, 'Okay … what’s next?'

Includes tips for:
-Getting published
-Finding the right agent
-Book surgery
-Thicker plots
-Deeper characters
-Richer settings
-Weaving in theme
-Dealing with people who don't get your writing"

Go Teen Writers includes this and so much more. I took notes the entire time I read it, and I am positive I will go back to it countless times during my writing process.
This has helped me edit my work-in-progress novel and will help me in the future when I want to try to get it published. 
Also, some writers books tend to read a little like a textbook. This is not the case for Go Teen Writers. Jill and Stephanie use a fun tone in their writing and talk to the reader as a fellow writer.

If you are interested in writing or learning more about the writing process, I recommend you get this book.


  1. Sounds cool! Good luck with your book!

    LOL at "book surgery", it made me envision a book on the operating table while the author went at it with a scalpel. :D

    1. Thanks, Nathan! HAHA yep, I imagined that, too ;)

  2. Cool! This book sounds very helpful!


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