Friday, April 26, 2013

Writing Friday

Okay, as I promised you all a while ago, I am going to do some blog posts this month about my two main characters in the last book of my trilogy. (Read more about my trilogy here.)
I will give you the opportunity to leave somem questions for my character to answer in next week's post.

Aimee Dawson has been friends with Ivy and Eden since they were tiny girls.

With golden blond ringlets of hair and emerald green eyes, she truly is one of the most beautiful, eligible young ladies in all of London. She typically wears her hair in the most ellaborate coiffure her or her servants can acheive each day--she cares about her appearance very much. She is nineteen years old.
I imagine her looking somewhat like Hayden Panettierre, but I like this photo of a model to represent her.

Aimee is sweet, generous, and strong. 

She lives in England, slightly spoiled by her four older brothers and parents. Her father is English and her mother is French. They suprisingly met during a war and married each other despite their countries being enemies. Eden truly is like a sister to Aimee because after Eden's mother died, Mrs. Dawson helped Eden to become a proper young lady.

During Swept to Sea, she goes on an expedition with Ivy to find their friend, Eden.

So, now you have been introduced to Aimee Dawson!

What do you think of her? Please leave her some questions in your comments and she will answer them on next week's post!


  1. She sounds very interesting!

    My questions is:
    What are your brothers named? How much younger than them are you?

  2. Wow, she sounds cool!

    What is your favorite color? And, do you like traveling?

  3. Interesting character.

    My questions would be:
    What is your favorite animal?
    Where in London do you live?

    1. Thanks, Nathan! Your questions will be answered next week.

  4. She sounds like an interesting character!!!
    My questions are:
    What is your favorite food?
    Have you met the Queen of England?


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