Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing Friday: Swept to Sea

Hello, everyone!

A while back I asked you what you wanted to see in these weekly writing posts, and, along with writing tips, some of you asked to see a little more of my novel, Swept to Sea.

Well, yesterday a friend of mine (you know who you are ;) ) suggested that I share a scene or so from Swept to Sea.

So, today I will be sharing a small excerpt from my novel.

""Hmmmm, what have we got here?" Caspian chuckled, tossing his baldric and weapons onto an armchair rather than putting them away. "Why, I do believe that I have a beautiful young lady hiding out under my desk. Now, is that not a strange occurrence, Reed?" Caspian asked. The child giggled, his eyes sparkling in amusement. "I daresay this has not happened to me before."

Lady Trenton's face flushed to a comely pink. She clambered to her feet, but tripped on her voluminous gown.

"Blast these skirts!" She muttered. Caspian chuckled at the word “blast” coming out of those pretty pink lips.

"Shame on you, Lady Trenton. A lady such as you should not use such loose language. Surely 'tis most improper." Caspian suppressed a grin at her reaction.

Lady Trenton gave him a deadly glare. The woman ceased struggling with her skirts and tried to rise quickly. In the process, she whacked her head against the corner of his desk.

After a moment of looking dazed, she crumpled to the floor in an unconscious heap. `

Caspian immediately sobered and stooped down to take her limp form in his arms.

After a second her head jerked up and she struggled against his grasp. Caspian gently laid the woman on his bed. She moaned and curled onto her side, mumbling something incoherent."

--From Swept to Sea by Heather Manning

Did you like that excerpt? Hopefully yes. :) Next week's post will be about writing again. Until then, have a good week!


  1. I LOVED the excerpt! The characters are so alive, and Reed is adorable! Thank you for sharing this excerpt!

  2. I love this! Makes me want to read Swept to Sea even more :)

  3. Great idea and awesome excerpt, I really liked it! :)


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