Monday, March 11, 2013

Broadway Monday

Hello all!
You may have noticed that I am posting Broadway Monday instead of Book Review Monday. This is a one-time only event. After this week I will go back to my normal schedule.
I am part of a blog tour with author Tracy Higley for her new release, So Shines the Night, which comes out tomorrow. So, tomorrow I will do my book post about Tracy's book and today I am doing the typical Broadway post.
Anyway, today I will share with you a song from a musical I had never heard of until a couple of days ago. It is called "The In-Between Musical" and written by Laura Tisdall.
I found it on youtube while searching for songs Hadley Fraser sang.
Here a description of the musical I found on their website:
"There are places you've never dreamed of...
The Story
Nineteen-year-old misfit and perpetual underachiever, Flick Wimple, has always lived in the shadow of her caring but neurotic elder sister, Alice. Since their parents died in a car crash, Alice has had to become more of a mother to Flick - a responsibility that traps them both and heightens their love-hate relationship. Resigned to the way things are, Flick determines to expect nothing exceptional from life and give little in return.

She is forced to re-evaluate, however, when one day she steps through the wrong doorway and finds herself trapped in the space between parallel worlds; the place known as the In-Between. There she is met by the mysterious, if slightly nerdy, Guide Calicus; a young man who has spent his entire life leading people between worlds. He offers Flick the chance to leave her problems behind and journey to another world and, as he leads her through the In-Between, the two begin to form a close bond, causing him to wonder what it would be like to live a life of his own.

But all is not right in the In-Between; other Guides are starting to go missing and tears are appearing in the walls... Ultimately, Flick must make a choice; to hold on to her past, her sister and the world she knows, or risk everything to try and save much more...

The In-Between is an original story of love, friendship and letting go, with both humour and heart."

This musical has not opened on the stage yet, but a concept album was recorded.
Here is Hadley Fraser singing a song from it that I absolutely love now.


  1. This musical sounds really cool! I would love to see it on stage.

  2. Interesting, it sounds like it would be a neat musical if it makes it to the stage.

    1. Thanks, Nathan. Yes, it does sound interesting!

  3. Sounds like such a cool musical! I hope it makes it to stage, and Hadley is on it! ;)


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