Friday, March 15, 2013

Writing Friday

Hi everyone!
Today is Writing Friday, so as usual, I will be posting about my work-in-progress series, the first book of which is titled "Swept to Sea".
The character I am about to introduce you to is featured in my as-of-yet untitled manuscript, the second book in my trilogy.
You already met Lady Ivy Shaw here and here and Gage Thompson here and here.
I like my secondary characters almost as much as my main characters, so I always try to make them just as real as my heroes.
Today I will introduce you to a secondary character who plays a part in my second book.
Addie Thompson Poole is the younger sister of Gage Thompson.
Addie has dark, curly brown hair that is often found hanging loose from her coiffure on the top of her head. her skin has a nice golden tan to it, partly natural and partly from her love of gardening.  Her eyes are a brilliant sea-foam green, framed by thick black lashes. She is seventeen years old.

Addie is a strong young woman, very mature for her age, who has recently taken control of her life and learned she needs to take care of herself after her husband dies, leaving her alone in a city she does not know. She can be quite the spitfire and will do anything to protect herself.

She taps her foot when she is upset or nervous and she chews on her bottom lip when she is thinking.

Addie is strong and willing to work to eat. She is nice, especially to other women and children. Addie does not like to admit defeat, but she has no way to support herself so she needs the help of her brother, Gage Thompson.

Addie’s parents died when she was very young. She and her older brother, Gage, were abandoned on the streets. After a couple of months, they were taken in by Caspian’s family and raised with him. They were a very nice family to be a part of and she enjoyed every minute, but things changed when Caspian’s mother died. Caspian’s father was not so kind anymore and after Gage and Caspian left to sail, and she was given to marriage to a cruel man by Caspian’s father when she was fifteen years old. Caspian’s father was not aware that this man was cruel, and she was not either, until after they were married. This man died two years later, leaving her without any money. She had no reputable way of earning money, so she wrote to her brother, Gage for help.

So, now you have met Addie, one of my secondary characters. What do you think of her? Leave some questions for her in your comments today, and I will have her answer them in next week's post!


  1. She sounds like an interesting character.

    My questions would be:

    What is your favorite food?

    Would you ever go out to sea with your brother on one of his voyages with Caspian if you could?

  2. Here's my question, How did your husband die?

    1. Thanks, Eden. Your question will be answered next week!

  3. I have two questions:
    Do you prefer to grow food or flowers in your garden?
    What's your favorite color?

  4. I have two questions:
    Why do you think Caspian's father became cruel to you when Caspian's mother died? Of course he greatly missed her, but other than that.
    What did your husband do for a living, and did he leave you any debt?
    Okay, technically that was three questions.

    1. Thanks so much! Your questions will be answered next week. :)


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