Friday, March 8, 2013

Writing Friday

Hi everyone!
Last week's post was about my character Lady Ivy Shaw. If you missed it, you can read it here.
My readers very kindly gave me questions to ask Ivy in a character interview, so I will get to those right away.
1.What is your favorite food? (from Cortney)
Hmm...I like anything sweet, really. Apple pies have always been one of my favorite foods.
2. And do you enjoy sailing? (from Cortney)
I'm afraid that although sailing seems quite pleasant and adventurous, I cannot seem to enjoy it. I am seasick most of the time so I find it awful, but I am happy to do it to help find Eden before she finds herself stranded somewhere in the Caribbean with nowhere to go and no friends to turn to. 

3. What is your favorite hobby? (from Nathan)
I really enjoy knitting. It is something that my mother and I always used to do together and I find it very soothing. I also enjoy that it is something that I can do that is actually productive; I can make blankets and hats for my younger brother.
4. Are you bringing your younger brother with you and your friend to look for Eden? (from Nathan)
Sadly, I am not bringing my brother along. I fear the voyage would be too stressful for him and I don't want him to be harmed should anything happen, especially if we cross paths with Lord Rutger, the man to whom Eden is engaged. I think he wouldn't think twice about hurting a child. I can only pray my brother is safe back home and I can return as soon as possible.

5. Will/does Ivy keep in touch with her mother while away? Does she know how her mother is doing? (from Kedzie)
I have not been able to keep in touch with my mother as of yet. I am considering sending off a letter home as soon as we stop at a port somewhere to let her know how I am doing and I will pray it gets home before I do so my family doesn't worry about me. That won't stop me from worrying about them, though. It is hard for me to be away from my family, but I need to find my friend, Eden. I trust that my mother will be well, however, because although she has been sick, lately she has been stable and hasn't been declining so far. It is my hope that she will remain the same and even return to good health.

6. How do you view your father now, after he took up drinking? (from Ali)
I love my father, and always have, but I wish that he had never taken up drinking. Drinking can really change a person. I am sorry that I wasn't able to do something to prevent this from happening, but I only feel sorry for him; I am not angry at him. I just wish he would stop and take care of us, his family, once again.

7. What's your favorite color? (from Bethany)
I have always liked a pale green color. I think it is soothing.

8. Who is the most important person to you? (from Bethany)
The most important person to me right now is my little brother. Lately my entire life has revolved around him for the last four years and I wouldn't want it any other way. I would do anything to protect him and he just brightens up my every day. I don't know what I would do without him.

Those are Ivy's answers! Thank you so very much, everyone, for asking her questions!
I really appreciate each an every one of my readers, followers, and commenters. 
Have a great weekend and stop by on Monday for my weekly book review!


  1. I really enjoyed reading her answers! She sounds like a very nice person.

  2. Very interesting answers, Ivy! ;)


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