Friday, May 24, 2013

Writing Friday: An Interview with Matthew Emery

Last week, you met my character Matthew Emery.
Thanks to all of my awesome readers, I have put together an interview for him, using your questions.

Here we go:
1. How did you become a merchantman? (from Cortney)
I have always enjoyed spending time by the sea. When I was taken in by the church's pastor, he told me about his son who had been a merchantman but died in a tragic storm at sea. I suppose at first I went into the business because of the stories I was told, but I really do enjoy my job. I try to do some mission work on my trips whenever I get a chance to, so that is amazing.

2. What's your favorite color? (from Eden)
I like brown, I suppose. It is simple and pleasant.

3. Where were you born? (from Eden)
I do not know exactly. I have been told somewhere in the east end of London.

4. What's your favorite thing to do? (from Eden)
My favorite thing to do is to spread the Word of God to other people, especially people who live in the far corners of the earth and have never heard of such a thing as a Savior from their sins.
5. Have you ever had a pet? (from Eden)
Unless you count the mice that call my ship home, no, I am afraid not. I would like to have a dog or a cat, though.
6. How long have you known Eden, Ivy, and Aimee? (from Nathan)
I have known them since the age of eight, when I first was adopted by Pastor Dobbs at the church. They attended each and every Sunday service.

7. How did you get your ship? (from Nathan)
Like most of the things I have gotten, it was out of the goodness of someone else's heart. I was working as a rigging man on a merchant ship captained by a jolly old man. He took a special liking to me and I worked my way up and up in position on his ship. Finally, he decided that he wanted to retire to spend time with his wife and grandchildren, and he very kindly gave me his ship. I did not deserve it and I can never repay him.

8. What kind of ship do you have and what does it look like? (from Bookishqueen)
I have a full-rigged pinnace. It is not one of the largest ships out there, but I don't need an immense crew, so it works nicely for me.

9. Why are you reluctant to have women on board your ship? (from Sandy)
I am reluctant because it is simply unheard of. While I am not, most of my crew is superstitious and they say that it is bad luck to have a woman aboard a ship. Personally, I think that it is not only an unsafe but also unpleasant situation for a lady to be in. I think it is best that women avoid sailing  unless it is unnecessary.

10. Do you know who your father is? (from Sandy)
 No, I do not, and my mother always refused to talk to me about him.

11. Do you know why your mother abandoned you? (from Sandy)
I was very young when my mother abandoned me. All I remember was that many days she would be buying herself new hats and gloves while I went to bed hungry. I suppose she did not want a child and valued her vanity over me. I got in the way, so she eliminated me from her life.

12. Do you harbor and ill feelings toward your parents? or have any wish to meet them? (from Sandy)
I know that it is wrong of my, but I think nothing of my parents. I would be much happier if I never met them or had never even known about them. If I was discarded by them when I was an infant I would have been much better off. I do not cherish my memories with my mother and I wish that I could imagine pleasant memories of a mother I had never known. I do not wish to meet them.

13. Where would be your ideal place to do your missionary work? (from Sandy)
I would love to do missionary work anywhere I find myself. I look forward to doing some while visiting the Caribbean, if we find Lady Trenton safely there.

That's the end, Ladies and Gentlemen! Thanks for your questions. See you next week!


  1. Matthew sounds very interesting! I would like to read a book about him.

  2. Cool, good interview, he sounds like a very interesting character to read about.

    1. Thank you, Nathan! I am glad you thought he is interesting.


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