Friday, September 20, 2013

Writing Friday: Acting And Writing

Sorry, this post would have been up sooner but my internet was down all last night. As most of you who know me fairly well know, acting and writing are my two favorite hobbies.
Have you ever realized how closely the two tie in together?

First of all, I have noticed that a lot of my writer friends also act or enjoy acting, and that some of my actor friends also like to write on the side.

Have you ever noticed that?
Well, I think I have figured out the reason why.  Acting and writing are both artistic, and they both display emotions and characters and settings and plot…and everything else like that.

An actor and an author do almost the same thing by telling their audience a story.
Whenever I do theatre, I connect how different characters think, and how they interact with other characters. I can apply this to my own writing, and I think it makes me understand my characters more deeply.
The same reverses to acting, because I feel that my writing makes my acting stronger.
These are two similar worlds connected by portraying stories and characters.

Also, I am now a member of the Coterie Theatre’s Roundtable for Young Playwrights. We meet a couple of times each month. I am learning through this what it is like to be a playwright (along with some VERY helpful peer editing) , and that connects my two worlds of acting and writing even more closely. I am learning how writers write for actors and everything else.
I really like it!

Have you ever noticed a correlation between the skills used in acting and writing? Have you thought of anything I didn’t mention?

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  1. I agree with you! I really like to write and to act. Acting helps you get into another person's shoes, which you need to do as a writer, and they both allow you to be creative.

  2. Yes! And I'm planning a post somewhat on this same topic. :P

  3. Interesting post! I do see a lot of similarities, especially when as a writer and as an actor you try to get into the head of the character you are portraying (either through your writing or through your acting).


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