Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review Monday

Today I a going to continue reviewing the Montana Marriages trilogy by Mary Connealy by reviewing Wildflower Bride.

This book, as I expected, was amazing.

It follows the tale of Wade Sawyer, who we saw in the past two books. He has spent the winter living in a shack in the mountains near an Indian village. The last summer, he a saved a woman, Glowing Sun , from men who were trying to kidnap her from her tribe. He watched her ride off with her Indian fiance and has stayed near that area ever since, devastated that she left him.

Wade wakes one morning to the sounds of a struggle and rides to the village to discover a massacre has occurred  A  group of men have attacked the village, leaving few alive and trying to take Glowing Sun, who was unharmed. Wade and Glowing Sun fight the men off finally, but the one remaining survivor of the tribe tells Glowing Sun she no longer belongs with them because she caused the massacre.

You see, Glowing Sun is a white woman, named for her beautiful blonde hair. She was taken in by the Indian tribe when her family all died, abandoning her when she was barely ten years old.
Glowing Sun remembers that her white name is Abby and insists she is called that from now on.

Wade takes Abby in when her Indian family abandons her, and he receives word that his father s on his deathbed. He has had a horrible relationship with his tyrant of a father, who beats and berates him every chance he gets.
Abby insists he go to his father, as she has no family left and wants Wade to see his one last time.

Wade goes back to the Sawyer ranch, and employs Abby as a helper on the ranch to care for his father, who has broken his back in a horsing accident.
His father is his usual self, screaming at everyone who doesn't so his bidding or read his mind exactly when he wants something.
Abby and Wade soon discover that something is amiss on the Sawyer ranch, and the same men who killed Abby's tribe are terrorizing the Sawyer ranch.

This book also features appearances by Silas and Belle Tanner, and Cassie and Red Dawson, the main characters of the previous two books.
It was filled with action, romance, tons of humor, and anything else you would want in a great novel.

What are you reading? Does this book sound interesting to you?


  1. This book sounds awesome! I'd love to read it.


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