Friday, January 25, 2013

Writing Friday

First, I want to mention that I have chosen a working title for my manuscript. I will call it Swept to Sea. Anyway, today my male main character, Captain Caspian Archer, will be answering the questions some of my readers posted last week
If you missed the description of this character, check it out here.

Here is the interview!

1. Why is your ship called Dawn's Mist? Did you name it? (from Cortney)
I named my ship Dawn's Mist because of my late wife, Isabelle. Almost every single morning, we used to go outside and watch the sunrise. I especially loved to watch the sun rise over the ocean from the bow of my ship when it was a foggy day, and I enjoyed the mysterious sight of the mist creeping over the water.

2. What's your favorite color, Caspian? (from Eden)
Hmmm. I suppose I have not given much thought as to having such a thing as a favorite color. I suppose I like blue a lot, since it is the color of the ocean and it comes in so many different shades.

3. What is your favorite place to visit? Is it a country, an island, a building, etc.? (from Eden also)
I suppose my favorite place to visit would be the island of Jamaica, but my very favorite place to be is anywhere on my ship. There is nowhere I would rather be than on Dawn's Mist, having the freedom to go where ever I please whenever I please, with the ocean beneath me and the wind guiding me. Aye, my ship is my favorite place to be.
4. Who is the person you admire or look up as a role model? (from Nathan)
I look up to Isabelle, my late wife, because she was everything that I never was. I wish I had her here with me to help me raise our son, for I fear that I am doing a terrible job of it.
5. Why do you take your son with you if you plan on killing the man who murdered your wife and your son's mother? (from Sandy)
Egad, you are just as bad as Lady Trenton bothering me about the way I raise my child! I understand that I am probably not doing what I should with the boy, but I do not need strangers telling me I am wrong in their opinion. I take Reed with me on all of my voyages, as he has no other place to stay. He knows nothing other than life at sea, and I know that some day he will make a great captain. I attack other vessels, including other pirates, regularly, as it is my occupation as a privateer for the King's Navy. To me, this is no different than any other voyage, and Reed is safer with me than with a stranger at some port.

Thank you so much for your questions, everyone, and thanks, Caspian! 

Sorry that Caspian got a little rude in that last question...he is very touchy when it comes to the subject of how he treats his son. :)

Thanks again for your participation, everyone. What do you think of Caspian's responses?


  1. Cool! Thanks for answering my question! Caspian sounds interesting (even if he did end on a bit of a grumpy note).

  2. Blue's one of my favorite colors, too! Thanks Caspian!

  3. I like the answers. :) Caspian sounds like an interesting character.


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