Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Broadway Tuesday

Imagine a musical where all of the most popular fairy tale characters live in the same world and their stories interact with one another's!

Into the Woods is just that.  

In this photo are many of the characters: Little Red Riding Hood, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, the baker and his wife (Who aren't from any particular fairy tale) and the witch who is the witch in many fairy tales. This musical also involves Cinderella, and Cinderella.

Here is a fun song from the musical called "Your Fault" where all of these characters argue over whose fault it is that there are giants in the land.


  1. I love this musical, and that song is so funny! I also love Agony because the princes are so hilarious.

    1. Thanks, Cortney. Yes they are!

    2. Cool, this is a good musical! Lol, the witch looks sort of like Regina from Once Upon A Time

    3. Thanks for stopping by, Nathan! I guess she kind of does...that's Bernadette Peters. :)

  2. So it's YOUR fault!! Ha Ha!! Yes this musical is good. Cortney, yes Agony is a hilarious song.


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